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Countywide refresher lessons are designed to benefit and improve your driving needs.

1 Hour Refresher Lesson         £36.00       

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A refresher course can help if you feel you need a little more driving practice with the reassurance of a professional Driving Instructor by your side to ensure safety and to offer you help and guidance where necessary.

Countywide have given refresher lessons to qualified drivers for various reasons over the years, in the main to help build self-confidence out on the open road.

Some of the reasons why you may need some refresher lessons

  • Don’t feel overly confident driving on your own
    To sit with family or friends who are learning to drive  
    Moved out into the country and now need to drive
    Want to brush up on a particular manoeuvre 
    Simply want to improve your driving skills
    Bought a bigger or different type of car
    Not driven for a number of years
    Want to find a driving job
    Had an accident

You can have the refresher lessons in one of the driving school's dual controlled cars or in your own car whichever you feel more comfortable with.

The lessons are conducted on an hourly basis so this gives you the opportunity to monitor your own progress and decide whether you would like to continue with further tuition.

As you are already a driver you can decide what type of practice would best suit your needs and your Driving Instructor will work out an appropriate lesson plan to help you meet your driving needs.

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